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You’re quite wrong to say that requiring registration removes the purpose of having a wiki.  That’s complete and utter nonsense, in my opinion.  The purpose of a wiki is to host information in a way that’s flexible and easy for users to edit, and it is not a requirement to allow anonymous editing.  Anonymous editing is something which can be highly problematic, and annoying to the site admins, so they are quite right to block that if they don’t want to have to deal with the hassle.

While I’m a big fan of using wikis to provide game info, I absolutely refuse to have anything to do with Wikia hosted wikis, and will never contribute to them.  The Wikia skin is just too horrible, with a terrible signal:noise ratio, which steadily gets worse every time they “improve” it.  It’s simply much too hard to pick out the actual information in the middle of the irrelevant garbage and adverts.

So, sorry, but I hope that the TF Wikia fails, and that there’s a successful TF wiki somewhere else that doesn’t saturate the screen with garbage, using a layout that gives absolute primary attention to the articles, and keeps other stuff both relatively minimal and clearly segregated from the content.  I’m not anti-advertising, as I’m pragmatic about the need to cover hosting costs, but Wikia are one of the worst examples around, where the primary function of the site has become to serve adverts; and community, users and, content are secondary considerations.  There are ways to do adverts correctly, with a high degree of subtlety, lack of intrusiveness, etc; Wikia do the opposite.

The best thing for TF would be if the TF Team could add a wiki to the official TF site.