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About more than 5 tracks per station.

For a fast band aid until and if we get more platforms. Just put two 5 track station next to each other and group them. They will act as a one station after. You will need to make new lines to certai station though so every train dont use the 1 stations tracks only.

This won’t enable passengers to travel between those stations as they do between platforms of the single one.

My suggestions:

– Add traffic lights to the roads (without traffic lights I can observe huge traffic jams because every car has to stop on the crossroad)

– Restrict cars from moving on bus lanes. Although most cars obey bus lanes, some do not, and it causes buses to stuck in jams.

– Add the second entrance to the railway station on the opposite side.

– Loading/unloading speed should be proportional to the number of entrances (or cars in case of cargo) in train. This is really strange that two times longer train loads two times longer 🙂

– Add a possibility to use any available lane on railway station, i.e. station lane should not be static.

– Instead of implicit logic of the factory to choose your route or not, and “self-walking cargo”, I’d suggest to add a storage to every industry object, and make it produce goods once you empty this storage with your trucks. This’ll make cargo routes more controllable and realistic.

– Work hard on performance, because even on small map with 6 towns of 1000 average population, frame rate drops below 10 on Core i7 870, GeForce GTX670 and 16 Gb RAM.

– Add some statistics for the player to better understand where to put some new routes. This statistics could be indication whether inhabitants of some house use/don’t use your routes, color indication of routes usage, etc.

– Make AI consider traffic jams, so it chooses public transport as faster in case when there is heavy traffic cognestion.

– Raise production cap of industries, because town with 1500 population consumes over 200 goods, and further growth may cause the problem of deficit.