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My own wishes:

-(Railway) Station improvements, like adding more tracks/platforms, a nice larger station building, and small details like shops etc.

-More control over which platforms trains halt, and a default path in general (without having to resort to building lines without any crossings or sharing with other lines); a lot of people here seem to want a dynamic platform selection, I just want it selectable and decide myself that the next train on platform 8 heads to Aldershot. Also when we’re able to decide (default) train paths, issues like trains coming in the station from the northern moststation approach and crossing all those other lines (blocking other routes) just to reach the southernmost station platform because the game AI thought it was ‘the most efficient’ would be a thing of the past.

-An option for automatic spacing between the different vehicles enroute. If I lay down a track or a bus route, and I build four buses for that route, I want to be able to not let them to go ahead and follow the route in a colonne but have them drive evenly spaced, so they really arrive at bus stops at a 5 minute interval or something.

-Railroad crossings, scissors crossovers, and double slip switches.

-Dedicated  bus- and tramways, to allow them to keep moving when all car drivers are stuck in traffic jams.

-Larger cities and the creation of underground tram- or metro systems (not useful at present).

-Animated signals, and traffic lights.

-Day/Night cycle (even though time goes too fast for this), weather effects (like rain and snow).