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– Upgrade of tracks to High-Speed and/or Catanary: This should have an option to do so on an entire line. So as you select the catenary tool, you get an option – manual or line. If you select line, you get a list of your lines that still do not have electricity, upon selecting the line you want you get the cost to upgrade and an option to build or cancel.

As it is now, it is very tedious building catenaries manually, as you need to hunt down all those little pieces of track at intersections, some only a couple of pixels wide, before electric trains will accept the track.

Same thing should be done with upgrading from normal to high speed tracks.

– Vehicle list should have the same option as lines, as in ability to display all, only trains, only road-vehicles or only trams. Would clean up the vehicle list to no end.

– Minimap, please give.

– Working signals. I mean, they work as is, but they should be animated as in the arm going up and down or light shifting from red to white (or green) depending on status of the signal.

– Dynamic selection of station platform would be excellent. The train would select the first free one it got access to rather than be fixed.

– Build track by means of laying down waypoints. Would put an end to the endless build track – screwed up – bulldoze track approach to track-laying done now. Would include a “double-track” option.

– A follow-cam would be great. Where the camera sits on top of the train and pans and tilts with the direction of movement of the train.