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I agree with Arazel. This is the best transport based game that has been developed for such a long time and considering the small but very experienced dev team, I think it is going to be ironed out before too long. I am sure the dev team are aware of this and will no doubt have this issue on the top of their to do list. It may get fixed before actual release, or it might be later after release with a patch.

How many games get released without some little bug? Not many.

To not buy a game because it is not 100% perfect at the release stage, is being a bit too picky! But I am sure that 99% of us who like these sort of games will not be put off from buying it. From what I have seen of the game so far, is very good and I am sure it will have a huge following.

There are other people who are not happy that multiplayer will not be in the release version, but that is on the to do list by the dev team. Personally, I couldn’t give a toss about multiplayer games. I never use multiplayer for several reasons. I just like to amble on, on my own and enjoy building up my own empire. Competition with the AI is good enough for me, without worrying about other real players who throw their toys out of the pram, if things aren’t going their way. I have seen it all before.

So my advice to you cdmonton2. is to buy the game and don’t run it down before you have tried it for yourself. Problems like this will get sorted out and once they are, this should satisfy everyone, or nearly everyone, because you will always get the moaners.