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I was about to ask the same thing, and I agree with eldomtom2. If trains will just wait for platform 1 to clear, while platform 2 is empty, complex networks become pointless. And, having 1 platform and seperate track for every 1 line I won’t consider a network. In this case, Stonelouse is right. If trains pile up before a station you clearly have too many.

For example, a double track running 6 lines, served by a 4 platform station is what I would think about in a basic network. You’ll have to use switches and signals to make trains go to different platforms. The lines have different destinations and may carry different goods. IF  in this case, all lines are fixed on just 1 platform, a setup like this is pointless. Trains should choose empty platforms for themselves OR the player should be able to assign a line to a certain platform to evenly distribute lines over a station.

If this isn’t possible, you’ll end up building like the first example. I’d be very disapointed.