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Totally agreed for the pantographs, it annoys me a little everytime I see my trams with a pantograph pointing up into the air and only touching air, overhead wires for streets with tram tracks should be added.

For the trams travelling between cities on normal tracks, thats a relatively new invention, it first came up in about the 1980’s in the region around Karlsruhe and Karlsruhe itself in southwest Germany, hence this is called “Karlsruher Modell” in German.
I don’t know, if this can be implemented and even if, it should only be able from around 1980 onward so it is realistic, but you can alrdy, as a work around, build a street with tram tracks between cities to have Intercity Tram lines or, more simple, use busses for that purpose.
But neithertheless, if it can be implemented, I would like it.

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