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Obviously the core gameplay works, that is laying tracks and roads, running trains/road vehicles, growing cities etc. We can discuss details such as the choice and number of transportable goods and ease of track laying. Honestly I don’t think we can find much common ground if you don’t agree with this.

How could I agree with it? All of those things are failures. Laying track is a pain in the neck. The collisions, bridge issues, etc are ridiculous. It’s so bad you can delete a tiny section of track and be unable to replace it because of “collisions” even if you put it in the exact same spot.

Roads – you can’t lay them over track. Upgrades pointless don’t work half the time. Sometimes you can’t use the upgrade tool to lay tram track on a road (while using the same size road) but if you hit the tram tool it will place it. Failure.

Running trains/vehicles –  failure. No spacing controls means micromanaging the system in order to get things spaced out properly, running them includes replacing them and paying for them. Running costs and the terrible replacement system are ridiculous. Growing cities, another failure. They spawn randomly with little sense or thought. Cities end up a mess.



So again., what does the game get right?