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I don’t agree with this because

1. Having more running cost on trams makes huge loss for some In-city branch lines.

2. Trains are much faster than trams from 1930s, and not affected by private car traffic

Faster means more opportunity to earn income and grow cities, essential to build big cities.

(you can still use trams for not-so-big adjacent cities, but that’s realistic so no problem. separate cities are much better with faster trains)

3. Tram/Bus stops have very limited capacity while train stations have enough capacity to serve one line, especially big one.

4. Trams are often ‘stuck’ with road traffic AND public transportation itself, making it annoying especially on large maps where busy checking other lines and building more lines.

5. Trams are even not enough capacity for in-city lines on big cities (over 1500 pops) around year 1950, They even have less than 20s frequency and not enough.


I think loading/unloading time needs to be fixed (faster for more cars or doors attached on that train) because that makes trains much better while not nerfing trams so that could run branch in-city lines without huge losses

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