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Wow, I quit playing this over a year ago and am seeing people still complaining over the same reason I stopped playing this. So after a year + they still haven’t fix this game and now say they are moving on to a new game, huh? All I can say is, WOW!! Talk about a major disappointment and let down. That’s ok tho because this game taught me a valuable lesson to NOT trust people who sell games on Steam. These people got my money for this game but will never get any more of it and I certainly will NOT purchase another game off of Steam unless I know for a fact that it is complete and in perfect working order. Buying a game that is still in development just is not worth the hassle or time since this game has been very disappointing.

God luck Urban Games on your next adventure as I’ll be sure NOT to be a part of it. I’m still very disappointed with your first game that was NOT worth the money you charged for it. Again, I’ll take the loss as you taught me a valuable lesson. Lesson learned and it will never happen again.