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Actually, one more thing…

Current way to install a mod:

  • Go to some external website (eg. this site)
  • Work out where the mods are
  • Agree to some terms and conditions that are never going to be read
  • Hunt through badly designed downloads section, most of which is in language I don’t speak, to see if you can find something
  • Download it
  • Unzip/rar
  • Copy stuff to folders, hopefully the right ones, and hopefully without breaking anything
  • See if it works, if not, meh.

Manual removal of mods is also painful.

I know there’s some windows apps for making process less painful, but they are no use to us Mac users.

What it would be like with Steam Workshop integrated:

  • Search workshop or browse by category
  • Subscribe

Don’t like the mod? Unsubscribe. Mod updates? Automatic. Ratings, comments, discussions, list stuff by same author, collections… Long list of other ways that Steam Workshop makes life easier for users and modders alike. If I’d seen a workshop filled with some of the awesome mods available – like those Russian trains for example – I’d have purchased the game much sooner.

Also, sharing mods via workshop would be a whole lot nicer too – see games such as Cities:Skylines and Prison Architect for great examples; just click a Share button and maybe fill out a few extra details or add a preview image an the game deals with uploading to workshop. So after testing your mod in-game, the workflow is Main Menu > Assets (or whatever) > Share. So simple.