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1. Currently the terrain forming is done dynamically while building tracks or buildings. The cost of a track is increasing if you’re changing the terrain, depending on changed terrain. If it’s necessary we’ll consider to implement it with a tool.
2. Bridges are already implemented. Tunnels are on the todo list.
3. We’ve been discussing underground stations and tracks. At the moment, I can’t tell you more.
4. Signals are already implemented but need some further polishment. There are going to be multiple signal types, the current version does only support a simple signal type.
5. Our switch system is going to be very dynamic, but you’ll have to keep your tracks realistic.
6. Train Fever is going to handle the timescape from 1850 till today. We got some good inputs from fans about future technology. We’ll consider the effort to add some future technology as well.
7. You will have the possibility to erase houses and streets, but it will affect your cost.