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If you care about the game, thats fine but don’t express that by calling the devs bad names, that’s just childish and stupid.
Be objective when you critize something.

The Point, that you have American looking Towns with French/Italien/German Names is, that the game uses a namelist according to the language in which you play the game.
If you play Train Fever in French, you get French Names.
This can be changed for sure, but atleast you know, why it is the case and for sure, there are town/streetname mods out there to give you American Names 🙂

They’re new comers in the business who work hard, who keep us up to date and who update the game regulary and fast and with features, that the players asked for.
Autoreplacement feature? A wish of the community, they made it true.
Opening Animations for depots and train cars? Wish by the community.
Waypoints? Wish by the community.

Sure, it was unstable in the beginning and lacked some features like ingame management of savegames and huge savefiles but the game got massively improved since september.
You don’t know so much service and customer friendliness or FREE DLC’S from big developers and publishers like Ubisoft or EA.

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