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Kinza, what the hell does that have to do with THIS TOPIC? Kindly show some manners and don’t spam other peoples threads because you want some attention!!

They’re new comers in the business who work hard, who keep us up to date and who update the game regulary and fast and with features, that the players asked for.
Autoreplacement feature? A wish of the community, they made it true.
Opening Animations for depots and train cars? Wish by the community.
Waypoints? Wish by the community.

Sure, it was unstable in the beginning and lacked some features like ingame management of savegames and huge savefiles but the game got massively improved since september.
You don’t know so much service and customer friendliness or FREE DLC’S from big developers and publishers like Ubisoft or EA.

This is some of the most naïve, fanboy crap I’ve read on here.

WHO asked for opening Depot doors? Show me the post, go on! The rest of the features you mention should have been in the game FROM THE START!!!

Damn right they’ve had to work hard and bring out lots of patches, that’s because the game was no more than an Alpha when it was released, yet they charged full price and lured people into buying it thinking it was finished. The amount of patches it has had so far is laughable, I can’t think of a single other game i’ve had that is SO broken it needs to be re written EVERY month. FIVE MONTHS on and the several performance patches have just about got the damn thing playable, but still only if you have a PC powerful enough to give Deep Blue a run for its money.

WHAT ‘customer friendliness’????? I have NEVER had one of my problems addressed or even commented on by a member of the Urban Games staff, NEVER. Only last wekk, I had a major problem after their patch and asked for help in the support section, want to know what support I got? Sweet FA, that’s what, so don’t make me laugh with comments like ‘customer friendliness’ As for ‘free’ DLC, great, wonderful, amazing. However, hasn’t it occurred to you that they have now modded the game so that it’s easier to put together future DLC packs that probably WONT be free? All they’ve done is add this feature to make the game be able to earn more money in the future and they got the community to make MOST OF THIS DLC FOR THEM and have use it to test the DLC thingy works.

If you can disagree with any of what I’ve just said, youre an IDIOT. Oh dear, I guess that makes ME childish and stupid huh?

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