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@jm It would be really cool.

At the same time I think in my last game I made a train line which was slightly over 20 minutes with 1 train and it managed to attract passengers.

That’s why I am not really sure about how to calculate the different aspects of the 20 minutes rule. It would really be useful if someone manages to explain it well because the official explication in the misconception blog “Cargo or passengers must be able to reach the destination within 20 minutes (game time at standard speed) with a certain route, otherwise they will not use it. The considered travel time is the sum of the walking time, the time spend on the ride and the average waiting time at the departure or at changes” simply sounds not true 🙁 (unless the minutes displayed on lines – which are our only hint at ride time and frequency time – are not game-time-at-standard-speed minutes :((( ).

Any clarification about the 20 minutes rule would really be useful.