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” If fact we are very open to suggestions. But some of them would take too much effort to implement it right away.”

Well, the main connection feature could work by positive way.¬† Every City/Factory/Mine has default connection list on map spawn. If the player cut or make longer connection, it has negative impact on evolving. So, player can buldoze anythin anytime. But he has to be aware of keep the connection. e.g. cut off a factory will have negative effect on the whole possible chain –> mine, factory, city. Therfore player will play to keep connection by himself. Player is not forced or denyial of building.

There was hundreds of litle iprovemets which could be done in a half an hour, but … nothing. Result is obvious. One of these is people who dissapear from running train. A primitive postpone function made by an dynamic array an a cycle for removing citizens¬† is for about an hour. Issue is here from beta.