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As a new user I found the mainline feature game-breakingly annoying and gave the game a negative review. Then I realised it could be disabled with the inbuilt mod and started liking the game, and now I’ve got used to the game I make extensive use of the mainlines – but have edited the game config files to allow them to be deleted. So, there are two issues at play:

  1. New (and some existing) users are repulsed by the feature
  2. Once you get used to them you are still annoyed at how fiddly they are to clean up (and even then might still want to delete them)

There’s no point worrying about the minutiae of (2) while (1) is happening, because the game is getting slaughtered in the ratings, harming reputation of UG in the process. (1) has to be fixed before (2) can even be thought about.