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From my point of view as a user (different from the point of view of the company), I’d rather see a more challenging game than to make it simpler in order to gain more audience or higher ratings in whatever popular ranking.  Most of games are very simple just in order to get more market and that’s specially frustrating in simulations.

The only thing I’d ask is that the rules were consistent and well programmed.  I really get confused and annoyed when I build a detour and the game still says that the road is a main connection, even with that alternative.

I like the “main connection” rule.  I only want it to be well programmed.

Just similar with the “not able to align terrain” when building.  It makes no sense since construction is really possible.   You have to elevate terrain here and there.  Construction should be either impossible or automatic.  If the programmers wants to forbid certain abuse when building, just put a higher price in unrealistic constructions.