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Finished set of concepts for vehicle panel…

Camera view (as described in previous comments):

Just for @Norfolk_Chris, hover over vehicle name to show pencil (click anywhere on vehicle name or pencil to edit):

Hover over cargo and cargo change icon appears (click resource icon, quantity, resource name or cargo change icon to edit):

Choose a resource (current resource in box, click to set resource, clears current cargo instantly if resource type changes, right-click to cancel):

Info view (hover over “i” to temporarily show, move mouse sideways in to info pane to retain temporary view whilst in info pane, click “i” to toggle persistent view):

Hover over year panels for detailed financials:

Hover over vehicle value graph to show “$” (sell vehicle) button:

Clicking the “$” button shows cancel / confirm buttons:

Hover over vehicle age to show “replace” button:

Click the button and selection of vehicles shown (panels fill from the left, newest is on the right, empty spaces to the right if less than 3 vehicles available, hover over vehicle to show stats, click vehicle to confirm replacement or click cancel button to abort):