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Vehicle panels… Their varying shapes and sizes are somewhat annoying, so here’s my take on how they should work…

You’ll notice some changes to the basic panel:

  • Pencil icon removed from title bar – it’s just clutter
  • …double-click to edit title; existing title should be selected so any typing immediately replaces it
  • …press Return/Enter to save; note: should return keyboard focus to main map (doesn’t currently)
  • Tabs removed;  window takes up less space…
  • …replaced by new “i” button added in sidebar; will explain in next pic
  • Reverse icon moved down the sidebar as it’s more associated with Stop icon than “go to depot” IMO
  • Footer area re-arranged; handles long line / place names better

Welcome to the new details/financials screen – everything you need in one place. Note the window size hasn’t changed.

Hover mouse over the “i” button in sidebar to temporarily view the details pane, or click the button to toggle persistent display. Would be nice to have game setting to choose which screen is shown by default (camera view or info view) when panels are opened.

Want more details about the financials? Hover over a year panel and the running costs & income for that year are displayed in the footer area.

One more thing: Right-clicking any window should close it so we don’t have to fiddle with the small “x” button. This will make closing multiple windows so much easier.

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