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It is a little bit of a conflict of realism vs. abstraction.  The assumption is that a train making 3-4 journeys in a year is effectively representative of a real world train making several journeys each day… but then when you have to send the vehicle to a depot, the game treats it completely literally, which manifests in it taking anything up to a year to “service” a single train… when in reality it might only take a couple of days.

On that “representative” timescale, servicing or replacing a train should be something that can happen almost instantaneously, so yeah, while it might make it *appear* a little less realistic, it would ultimately model reality closer to allow you to delete and place trains wherever you want them, as Locomotion did it.


It’s a shame there isn’t a better way to balance the two aspects though, as I rather like the idea of having to send vehicles to depots.