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I agree that the vehicle replacement needs improvement. That being said, replacing busses or trucks doesn´t need more than 30 seconds PER LINE. That is not hard at all! For all the claims that you have vehicles of different ages, pathfindung issues etc., that is absolutely no big deal.

1. I change the whole line at once, wich gives all vehicles the same age.  If there is one or two wich have been added at a different time and still have a few years to go, i change them as well.  The money i loose by selling them earlier is ridiculously little.

2. Every city should have it´s own depot for street vehicles. That means there are no pathfinding issues. Once i click the appropriate button, ALL vehicles of the line travel autonomously to the depot and get sold automatically.  There is no need to wait and babysit.

3. I actually like the additional work of sending a train to a depot. It gives the game a nice roleplaying touch, as i have to help the train like a dispatcher, sending it through a network of other lines and trains without causing traffic jams and losses. If you want less work, construct more depots and/or create a more clever network with better accessibility. Or wait for a patch to “make the game more user friendly”, aka automatize. Oh well, if the devs can make it optional,  everybody can be happy.




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