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To use your Facebook images, you need to get the url ending with the image extension like I did above. When in Facebook, open the image in the image viewer, the right click the image and select ‘open in new windwo or tab, depending on what browser you use. You should get the image open by itself if it worked. I use Chrome now.

From there, copy the whole url and paste it into what I posted above. You can see it works because I used your image in my post and it works fine. Let me know if ya need more help…

I forgot, don’t use the image placeholder. Use the ‘Text’ tab at the top to paste the image link. If you did it in the ‘Visual’ tab, then hit the ‘Text’ tab, you’ll see what is added to the text by the forum software. that’s why you need to do it in the ‘Text’ tab because the link will get crewed up in the ‘visual’ tab.

One more thing, if you need an image site, I suggest I use it myself and is free and it doesn’t shrink the images like photobucket does.