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Update:First off I’d like to correct my 35 seconds, this was an incident the actual number is around 9 seconds.

In another thread I read Tossi‘s remarks about removing the rails around the city. At the edge of the city I had 4 passenger railway lines, circling around the city with 8 stations. With modded trains this resulted in good travel times to the other side of the city and to the next quarter. I did make tunnels/ bridges to pass the rails at the stations to allow the city to grow outwards and it has.

I created 3 scenarios and while paying close attention to as many details as possible, ran them in the same way. I measured the times 3 months in a row each run. Once as is, once with the passenger trains removed and the lines deleted, and once with all the rails removed. (results are in seconds, 3 months)

As is: 09,11,12
No lines: 08,11,07
No rails:  07,07,05

This makes complete sense, as the more routes there are the longer path finding will take. However no new roads are being built yet , but slowly buildings are starting to appear where the track was.

I am now waiting for the roads to start connecting from both sides of where the rails were.

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