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I am aware of this behaviour and I can also come up with some reasons about why it behaves that way.

For the reason why changing a signal changes lines that run on roads I think it’s because the lines are never definitively categorized as rail or road lines. When you have two train stations and they are grouped with some bus stops the game tries to find the best route through both tracks and roads. And as it tries to find a path throu roads it also tries to optimize other lines that cross that path on roads and it becomes one big mess that is hard to code properly. I wonder if that behaviour would disappear if you ungrouped your station from your stops.

For the reason why there are multiple routes for the same setup my answer is that comming up with one right answer which route setup is more optimal is hard. There are speed limits on tracks due to their curvature, their quality, trains will also have different speeds because of the loco power, tractive effore and ability to accelerate and the number of wagons attached to loco. Taking all those factors into consideration creates very big amount of possibilities and calculating and comparing them all becomes very time consuming process. Game creators had to come up with some simplifications that would reduce the work needed to be done. And the result is what we observe.

All the above are just my random thoughts and guesses that have some probability to be right but can as well be completly wrong. Take them for what they are.

One last thing. For the reasons above I would also be very glad if the waypoints were implemented but also an ability to pick platforms for your trains to stop at.

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