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If citizen A lives in town A but works in town B, the walking/bus time to the railway station, combined with the train journey time and the walk/bus journey once off the train exceeds 20 minutes, they will never use the available transport.

A crazy concept for us Londoners who, during rush hour might watch the 6-carriage, 1,200 people, trains¬† pull in every minute, and wait for 4 more tubes until you finally can squeeze in against people you don’t wish to be squeezed against. Time is irrelevant, it’s necessity.

The Tube during the morning ‘rush “hour”‘ is a living Hades.

The 12,000 London buses are better, but during rush hour will have upto 100 passengers per bus. One reason I laughed my socks off at the capacity of the carriages and buses in this game. The developers must have come from a small village in Germany or Switzerland.