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Do you guys not think that lane change is only possible at nodes in the network, that is street crossings?

For the program to be efficient and able to handle a lot of traffic they need to cut down on all the if then else switch cases.

I have mostly done test playing so I am searching the net and passsing through this thread. One can say that we do NOT have any highways. We have 4 lane roads that is it. And also cargo buy truck earns mor money. And also bussing people between towns earns more money then inside the city. Also as soon as you set up your first inter city buss line suddenly the town grows really fast, it is magic.

So I build a 4 lane road between cities but the busses are using same lane as cargo trucks. I have not gotten them to jump to the “through traffic” lane yet. If the solution is to create cross roads then one can definitely say we do NOT have highways.

Seems you need to test alot about the game before you play it till the end.

Seems you need to place sunken train stations and railway tunnels around the city since we do not have subways. Railway tunnels so the game can make the city denser and place buildings ontop of the tracks. Also you need to place road tunnels under the city to make traffic be able to dive down and skip several blocks and pop up elsewhere in town.

I wonder if the game understands how to use them. I am reading everything and all problems you guys run into. Do not want to waste my time playing and then having to spend trillions to bulldoze and reshape the cities.

Seems one have to envision the future city. To stop the AI from placing buildings and roads I put down stumps of railway so the game engine runs into “collision oh ooh collsion”, yeah, give the game engine some of its own medicine.