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Hi both,

I found Industry Giant ok, but I favour building Transport Systems, and enjoying doing it.

The track-building system seems to have no options or choices at all, The programmers seem to be obsessed with bridges and tunnels if the gradient rises above 0.1% yet you cannot override the programme, it is bonkers.

This product is in desperate need of some logic and the application of commonsense.

It seems to me to be a repeat of the good old German ‘Transport Giant’ or ‘Trucks and Trains Tycoon’ (one of the two, it is identical, but without a logical track laying method, or a decent Industry system, as Brunel pointed out.

I also noticed the famous German 103 Class is bugged- she only moves at 87mph, not her stated 125mph.

I’ll stick with Railroad Tycoon 2 (not 3) anyday.

Talking of Brunel, I hope you watched the Cornwall Sleeper to London video as the train slows down to go single track over the Tamar bridge,, and at as little as £50 for the night it is now cheaper than a hotel at either end, with the added bonus that strangers are no longer allowed to share a berth (cabin/room).It’s a journey I want to do before the Tories cut the funding for it. (It has been kept going for the Cornish and Devon MP’s who have to go my town of London to sit in Parliament, and it should remain as a service to them, us and tourists, it’s a beautiful line, especially in Devon when the line and sea literally meet each other: Sleeper one way, daylight the other way.