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The track building is easy??

Are you serious? Have you actually owned any other transport games?

I’ve pretty well played the lot from the A-Train onwards, and for me it has the most restrictions possible, conbined with the least amount of options: Double track, Rail and road underpasses/overpasses, the ability to upgrade level crossings (or even be able to build one across a road to start with), upgrading of signals, high speed track and electrification, none of the above actually are available, or exist in such a convoluted form as to be worthless or at best highly frustrating.

As to laying straight track, I dream of the day I actually can, it automatically curves after drawing a few screen centimetres. What is the key you need to press to actually lay straight track?

I’ve also noticed the Museum Line achievement is broken.

Finally the E103: They were all pulling 125mph carriages, not one of the 20 odd trains ever went beyond exactly 87mph and all were working high speed track.

I could talk about buses grid-locking themselves and no internal programme checks for it, nor any tool for the player to resolve that situation, or discuss the fact the (extremely low) bus passenger capacity utterly fails to keep in line with city growth, helping to cause the common grid-locks as the player is forced to buy hundreds of buses just to try to keep up with said growth.