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Hey Pasi, we have to meet one day. Since RRT2 I’ve never seen a transport game to match it: Competition, a Stock market and a straight forward track building system,

Last night I spent £40 million on trying to double up the track, then having to erase it as the AI would simply not allow me to double up on the huge bridge it had decided I must build. I eventually seperated the Up and Down lines, and it looks as stupid as the faces of the programmers.

A huge graceful bridge began in flat-land, that ended in flatland, the other simply stayed on the ground. As I said before, the programmers are obsessed with anything over a 0.1% gradient, and you are not allowed to override the programmers choice which is always tunnels or bridges.

Double track is really important if this bunch of developers wish to retain credibility for the next version.

The 103: What can I say: Passing through Germany on my way to the Roskilde Music Festival in Denmark several times, via the then boat-train from London Victoria to get on the Nord and Viking trains from Spain to Helsinki/Stockholm/Oslo via Aachen on the Belgian border where us British were collected, courtesy of Belgian Railways, once onboard these huge trains I noticed the equally huge German freight trains, .The loco was generally a 103 and ties up with my fond memory of the 24  (exactly) journey from London Victoria to Roskilde, via Kobenhavn. (Copenhagen)

Anyway, the 103 isn’t working at her true speed, and I monitored it to get the confirmation I wanted.

Buses: Allowing gridlock as opposed to a traffic jam without any tools to deal with it is poor. I personally design 4 routes that all pass through the bus station at the railway station, late in the game traffic jams, as opposed to gridlock become a problem, even on the 7-city small map I struggled to keep up, especially as the AI never warns you about anything on the map, bar no road connection for a railway connection, and certainly never warns when the busses on a line are stuck.

I like the game, but I look forward to an actual working version of the game, charged at full price (£30). Support small companies in Europe, It gives all work ultimately!