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Lets remember this is a very ambitious deep realistic simulator that no traditional publisher would touch.  I’ll deal with the UI annoyances and gameplay quirks.  This game is still remarkably complex and deep, not to mention beautiful.

It is absolutely nothing of the sort. There is nothing complex nor realistic about it.

City growth is very dynamic, I like that I am not in control.  The cities as far as I can tell, build in a very realistic pattern.

Again, have you played this game? Are you sure you’re not playing something else? There is nothing realistic about this at all.

No X intersections, or no double forks?… There is a very simple reason for this.  Signalling would be very complex.  A signal protects the following block of track.  It does not account for other lines or priority.  In real life, this is all computerized with rules defined by engineers.  I like the no X-ing rule.

Didn’t you just get done telling us what a deep realistic, complex simulation this is? Which is it? It actually has nothing to do with signalling at all. It’s a failure of the game engine.  These are realistic track styles based on real life.

Some people don’t grasp this concept for the game to be a simulator kind.

There is nothing about this that remotely resembles it being a simulator.

Trying to excuse random poorly designed things as “realistic” because you can dream up a reason in real life that would happen is called “apologizing”. You can’t claim that passengers disappearing from the rail station is realistic because in real life it would take “months” to upgrade a station. Sorry, but if I run electrical on a completely unused track it would not cause me to shut down all the other tracks in the station for months. That is no realistic. If the city is upgrading a piece of road, buses and cars don’t start teleporting around the city. Passengers at a bus stop half a block around the corner wouldn’t suddenly all abandon the bus stop. If things were “realistic” I’d be able to upgrade a road over a train track. Stop excusing poor products by trying to claim realism when there is absolutely zero evidence this game is trying to be remotely realistic intentionally.