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@Gasolene I agree with you I do the same thing. As far as I know the extra maintenance is the only hit. I’ve left profitable stagecoaches running many many years and keep using them after ‘better’ vehicles are available since their maintenance is so low. In fact I will sometimes not even upgrade a line if the running costs of the new vehicles (1870s trains for example) are almost as high or higher than my old vehicle including its penalty – all for just a 5kph benefit. Just not worth it.

maybe you should play a different game 🙂  – I’m joking there is room for improvement but overall it’s a good game I feel. Personally I wouldn’t have included depots in the game – it’s silly micromanagement that exists only because it did in TTD. I’ve been guilty of same when writing software i.e. just implementing something without asking myself why and is it the best way. A perfect example is opening a vehicle window when you buy it – TTD did this so you had to assign a route, in this game you set the line from the depot and then have to close all the uselessly opened vehicle windows one by one (annoying for 10 stagecoaches) or delete close everything you’re working on.