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Actually it’s not subjective. I provided an objective analysis of the game. All the issues with the game can be verified by anyone and see as sub-optimal game play or outright bugs.

Your response to that is “I play it and like it, therefore it is good”. That is subjective.

Your lying if you say you haven’t seen inexplicable collisions. Have you never upgraded streets? A station? anything? While the cause of the collision is sometimes evident, the fact that it’s evident doesn’t excuse it, it often reveals further design flaws. You should be able to twin a track at an angle on a riverbank. One track might have the bridge start slightly earlier, or cause the bridge on the other track to expand, etc, but you should be able to do it. I had a situation where I could twin on one side, or the other side of a middle track, but the moment I tried to make it a triple line (a line on each side of the middle track) it would fail. I could delete both, pick one side and the other second one would fail because of “collisions” delete the first one, try the other side suddenly it can be made.

I don’t find it remotely believable that you’ve played the game as much as you claimed and never once ran into a collision that made no sense or that the “reason” for it was utterly ridiculous.