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I know what ya mean and I’ll still post here since I believe the devs read posts here. Dunno if they follow the German site at all. I haven’t seen any posts by them there so this IS the main site. I’m just tired of having to post images to an image site to post here. And I can’t post an avatar without registering on a different site. Screw that.

This site along with the game just has too many limitations and every day I play it, I feel more and more like
I got ripped off. If it wasn’t for us being able to mod things for it, I’d say this game was a total waste of money. I payed $35.00 for a game that plays horribly and am not liking that at all. And I don’t give a rats azz how small the team is, where the hell are the manuals they said would be released after the release of the game. So how long after the release, a year maybe 2. BS. I’m sorry I spent my money on it so far and am waiting to see if they fix it or not. I would hope that they would because I sure the hell wouldn’t pay for another one of their games if they did make anything else. And if they think they’re getting more money from me for DLCs, they are very mistaken. I find it hard to believe they’re even talking about DLCs when the main game plays so terrible.