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    I have an oil well here and 2 oil refineries in the neighborhood each belonging to a different city. It is producing 25 items out of 50 limit which are transported by road to one of the oil refineries, which, in its turn produces 25 items out of 25 limit.

    One would think that, in order to make use of the full production of the oil well, it is just a matter of setting up another cargo line from the oil well to the other oil refinery, right ? So i did that but it doesn’t seem to work… Not by sending the second truck to the same oil well truck station that is used by the first truck ( while there’s a whole bunch of oil drums waiting ) nore by placing another truck station next to it. ( the oil well items are only transported to the first truck station ).

    Question : can an industrial plant, in this case the oil well, deliver its product to 2 different clients or is this a one and one only matter ?…




    Two clients can work. You need to be able to create demands for the goods at the industries to the towns though for both of them to work.


    It’s working !

    Thanks, hert ! The reason it didn’t work was a tiny piece of road that was missing between the truck station road and the road into town. Corrected that and in came the oil.  😉

    Both trucks are supplied by one truck station at the oil well. The production of the oil well is at 40 now.

    Great to know because a situation like this, where there’s only one oil well or ore mine and 2 or more refineries or steel mills in the neigborhood is not uncommon.

    Onwards to the next challenge.  😉


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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