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    I have 2 steel mills fairly close together. 1 is producing already, 40 out of 50, (does production actually upgrades once it gets the needed stuff deliverd ?… ) the other is not producing yet ( 0 out of 25 ). Delivering of ore is Ok for both mills but coal has to come from waaay down the line. It is delivered to steel mill no.1 by train. The coal mine is producing 45 out of 50 at the moment. The train is carrying 19 items out of 39.

    I was wondering, if i establish a country road from the no. 2 steelmill truck station to the freight station that belongs to steelmill no.1, will a truck get it’s fair share of coal to take it to steelmill no. 2 ?… ( a goods line from steelmill no.2 to the city is already setup )

    Comments highly appreciated !


    The way the game works, you would be hurting your self by making those 2 factories work.   Over work one, you can use 1 factory for 7 cities on a small map for a very long time.       When you use 2, they compete with each other.

    You also have to look to see if anything else is competing, like oil or lumber.


    @Javis, your setup will work. A demanding unit (city, industry,…) will look for the fastest supplier which can deliver within 20 minutes. The lucky supplier will then deliver the demanded amount of cargo. So when one supplier (your coal mine) can be the fastest supplier to ship to 2 demanding units (your 2 steel mills), it will produce and deliver. 😉

    But keep in mind that this setup will work as long as the two steel mills also are the fastest suppliers to their respective cities.

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    Thanks for the tips, guys. It did work but only for a moment… I forgat to check the city demand which already was at 50/50… Then i tried to deliver the goods from mill.2 to the new city where the coal mine belongs to. Hooked up 3 goods wagons to the coal train but then the coal wouldn’t transfer anymore to the truck stop, to be picked up by the mill.2 truck… Instead mill.1 started to upgrade its production significantly and filled up the freight station with goods which were then picked up by the coal train and taken to the new city. The coal mine production upgraded too, coal wagons now fully filled ( nice new load animation !  😉 )

    Great fun, learned a lot during this exercise !  🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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