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    Dear Devs,

    the game is so nice for those willing to play with trains like when we were kids. Yet, as you know, there are some things that aren’t that user friendly. I thought about two very quick changes you could do to help us in enjoying the game much more.

    1 – Bulldozer: add a pop-up to request a confirmation about the dismantling of the selected item. Now it is too easy destroying something by mistake (including costly stations!) when the Bulldozer is selected.

    2 – There is no planning module for the game, so you risk to spend so much money trying to build track that in the end will not be able to connect. As of now, when I lay a section of track I have a confirmation request (and its price). It would be enough if starting to lay an additional section wouldn’t delete from the map the previous, unconfirmed item. So we could test all we need and then confirming item by item once done. I think that, to put a limit, you could have 20 items in queue including stations and all the items on the map that require track/road connections.

    Implementing these things shouldn’t be that time-expensive, and even if your effort now is on Transport Fever, such two changes would take little of your time, and provide us with useful standard tools.


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