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    Dear sirs

    I’m an addict, or almost. 500+ hours of Train Fever means I at least have an notion about how it behaves. And maybe it takes some time and effort to get things placed, but that is not a real problem. I’m really annoyed about the 20 minute rule for Cargo!

    I’m playing mostly on the largest mountainous maps with sparse industry and villages. And all works rather well. People take the bus/tram/train when they have the opportunity.  They even take, during the early game with slow steam, the long stretches of 15-20 minutes of travel time to get there. But Cargo???

    Cargo is a disaster with the 20 minute rule! Even when the distance is about 12-17 minutes, and  getting the frequency time to 2 minutes, having a ton of vehicles to carry stuff. But the industry is very unstable with “line usage” coming up and dropping every couple of months. No matter how much vehicles I put onto the line, no matter the speeds at which they are transporting. Apparentlty the system estimates on a very unstable way the 20-minute limit of a route. Sometimes line usage is “yes”,  sometimes “no”, changing every few months/years, without me touching anything.

    The 20-minute rule for cargo has to go! It is frustrating to see a perfect network not functioning. Maybe on a small or medium map all works well, but on large it doesn’t. Please fix this…. PLEEEAAASSE. Because beside this problem, I adore the game, even with the small placement glitches.

    Best regardsYeol the Clumsy.


    I’m another addict who likes playing on large mountainous maps.  I totally agree with Yeol’s comments, passenger transport works fine, cargo transport doesn’t!  Here is an alternative suggestion.

    • A short time restriction is needed for cargo to limit the time/distance that cargo can be ‘walked’ along the roads.  Otherwise it will ‘walk’ right across the map rendering all our transport redundant.
    • Once cargo is loaded onto a train (or truck) there should be a much longer time limit to allow long distance transit of cargoes across large maps.
    • Perhaps it would then be possible to create distribution hubs to allow goods to be supplied to multiple cities?

    Chris, your suggestions are vary valid and I would be glad if it could be developed like that. But maybe the 20-minute rule for cargo can’t be split from the passenger’s one. I don’t know the code. Maybe the developers can throw a light upon the matter?

    What bothers me is that one industry is willy nilly toggling the “line usage” indicator. The connection is made, cargo can travel to destination within time (mostly), all vehicles are running… but that seems not enough. Maybe one train waited a fraction too long in front of a red signal and BATS! Line usage goes to “NO”. The entire chain collapses, often to zero production. Very frustrating.

    I wish cargo, as do passengers, would jump of the train when not reaching in time. That would be understandable (because of the 20-minute rule), but that the entire chain of industry is collapsing for many years (often until zero production), just because one train was at one time a little late? This is madning ridiculous.

    PLEASE developers, do something about this ‘line usage” toggling. PLEASE!? Or better, get rid of the 20-minute rule for cargo. 😉

    Best regards,Yeol the Clumsy

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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