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    Hello, someone has more information on the 20 minut rule ?

    I know the basics that passengers are only willing to travel to places where they can get within 20 minutes (considering walking, waiting and transportation time).

    My question is how passengers pick a destination:

    1) passengers pick a random spot on the map, and if it is outside the 20 minute limit they do not travel and wait the next period

    2) passengers pick a random spot inside the area that is reachable within 20 minutes ? That area is defined by what is reachable using all transport types (both cars and public transportation), by public transportation only, by an average distance that grows with time or by some other mechanism ?

    It would be nice if developers could actually better explain this rule.


    Passengers have a clear set of destinations. When you click on a person you can see where he lives, works, shops and goes for recreation. All these destinations can in theory be reached within 20 minutes by the existing means of transport. The faster your trains or busses are, the further he can get, and over time will readjust his destinations. In case that you are unable to deliver him to the requested location within the 20 min, he will “disappear”, which means he will be beamed back to his home from where he will start another journey.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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