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    I was having 2 problems that was annoying the hell out of me, through more or less coincidence I have now found a solutions to them.

    1. Savegame not loading, Trainfever.exe stopped working error.

    I just bought a new laptop this week which is on par with my desktop, but loads a damned lot faster.

    While trying to load a game in Train fever using my laptop, I discovered that the solution to the problem is good old fashioned patience.

    I’m not sure what the reason are for it happening, but I tested it on my desktop and found out that by simply waiting, it would load eventually.

    I could see from the HDD indicator on my computer flashing that it was indeed working so I thought I would give it a couple minutes to get past it, and after a minute or so it loaded the saved game.

    If you get the same error when trying to start Train Fever, try waiting a couple minutes and see it if responds, it might work.


    2. Keyboard stops working when ingame, no response to keyboard input.

    If you manually saved the game or renamed a train, station or transport line, the game apparently thinks you are still typing in that window, even after the windows has been closed.

    To fix it simply click anywhere on the map with the mouse, and it should be working again.


    If others have found solutions or workarounds to various problems feel free to post them.

    I also hope this will help the devs find the cause of these problems so they can be fixed.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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