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    Hello! Love the game. Defiantly nailed the feel of TTD and certainly making it far easier to build using splines than say Train Simulator.

    There are a few issues I’d like to voice;

    • Need X-Junctions |x|
    • Need Parallel Junctions |/|/|
    • Need to allow trains to pick any platform (one with least path-penalty)
    • Need to add penalty for using a junction (i’ve seen AI cross through junctions onto other-side because it was shortest path)
    • Need to add penalty for path going through back-side of signal.

    These should then allow the AI to pick the paths of least resistance without them crossing over from down-line to  up-line (for example). I would be very happy if these could be added in future updates. 🙂

    Great Progress so far though! Really like the game.

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    Points 1 and 2: Yes, would be convenient, and the developers know about it. We all wait for that update. Until then, build more switches.

    Points 3, 4, 5: Use waypoints. Problem already solved IMHO.


    Waypoints don’t allow trains to choose a platform as required, it only lets you choose specific platforms in advance.

    OP, if you click a signal you can make it 1-way which will prevent the AI pathing through it the wrong way. If you don’t want to do that, there is ALREADY a severe pathing penalty for going through a signal in the wrong direction, if there’s another option available trains won’t do it.


    I didn’t read this suggestion as “pick a free platform”. Picking the one with the least path penalty is already implemented, and this should be always the same, unless penalties change.

    And I think the discussion about dynamic platform allocation won’t be resolved for a long time. For me, it isn’t a priority. In fact I’m very happy that it is not dynamic, as this tends to be more realistic. Trains do use the same platform in reality, unless there are reasons like delays or works on the track.

    I do understand that players coming from OpenTDD et al do like the different possibilities there. It is just a different design decision made by the developers.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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