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    While the signalling system overall seems to work well, the appearance is rather prototypical.

    First off,  the signal arms should point inward, towards the track the signal controls, not outward.

    Second, it would be really nice if the signals actually showed aspect correctly. Right now they all show stop all the time. They should show proceeed (arm raised) when the following block is clear.

    Signals that control a junction should have two arms,with the lower arm controlling the diverging route, like this: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/7/7b/Rail-semaphore-signal-Dave-F.jpg

    In the ideal situation, the game should also add in distant signals ahead of each main signal by a train length or two. These are typically yellow arms in real life, and indicate the aspect of the following signal.



    Well in real life, the form-mainsignals point right out, away from the track, they’re controlling, atleast in most countries and so also in Germany and probably Switzerland and Austria, the area, the devs came from, so for them, this is realistic.
    About the other signals, if it can be added correctly and has a use…
    I doubt it, since the game lacks some track building features like double switches, cross switches and so on.
    I think, they should add signals, when they’re really needed, not to make things unnecessary complicated.
    Foresignals can be added as optic gimmick, since the trains recognize signals on the needed distance, they’re not controlled by humans after all 😉


    German signals typically point right but are on the LEFT of the track.



    in germany these signals point away from the track and a placed on the right side of it. trust me, im driving trains there. 😉


    fully agreed, german semaphores are right hand of track and point right hand away from track 🙂 No need to change them in TF beside make them working 🙂


    I guess the far right track in your picture just has no signal because it isn’t leading into a switch, unlike the two tracks in the middle.
    But I’m not a locomotive driver in RL like Stonelouse so better trust him, I only took my knowledge about Signals from Wikipedia ^^


    This is related to signals and something i’d very like to see:

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    the right track seems to have a signal as well, but it is placed so far back, so you can hardly see it.

    also in reality, not every track has a (proper) signal. only those usually used by trains (in contrast to shunting movements) and tracks often have only a signal at one end because they are usually used for one direction only.


    besides, it would be very cool indeed to have the icons show the signal’s aspect as thumb has shown!

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    I understand why the devs do it based on their local rail rules.

    But it makes no sense in a game.


    Well – TylerE is right. Azrael is wrong. Germany is the exception. Other countries have the signal arms aiming at the track they’re controlling not away from it. To be clear, they are on  the right hand side of the track except for the UK, and the end circle of the signal aims at the track. This is typical for the circle-ended signals, except for German speaking countries.

    There’s no point in doing it “wrong” like in Germany — if you want to aim the game for a big market, you do it following the big market’s rules. Generalize based on the main target audience rules. I’m pretty sure that’s not Germany.

    When that is said, the makority of countries don’t even use these circle ended signals – which in Denmark have all been changed to digital signals.

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    I am also found in game folder “path signal” and “block signal”, old and new ones. But in game we see only 1 type, I wonder why?


    Bah.. I prefer electric colored signals anyway. 🙂


    There is no “wrong” if you compare signalling systems of different countries, only “different”. It’s pretty racist to say, we do it wrong and only the Britains do it right.
    Germany is not the only country that does it like this, also several other central european countries do it like this or in a similar way.

    And think about it:

    What do you want?
    That the devs integrate the signals and according signaling system from every country?
    Things can go very akward then, it would’ve slowed down development, so they concentrated on only one signaling system, the ones, they can see with their own eyes on the german-swiss-border.

    I think, they can add the signals and their according systems of the most important countries in the future, so you have a option in the option menu, what signals and signaling systems you want to use.
    Like how you change your graphics quality, only that you change from British to Central European or to American or whatever.

    However, imho this isn’t a very important thing that needs to be done asap, the players understand the system thats in place now, this should be done in the intermediate future, there are other, more pressing matters at hand.


    I wouldn’t call it “racist”. Racism is something entirely different. In fact, to do it based on what you can see yourself is not much less “racist”. When you develop a game based on reality, I would expect the dev to get familiar with that reality, not just locally, but wherever they decide to sell the game. And as you mention, offer the ability to change.

    As I mentioned, central european countries do it in a similar way, but with the circle towards the track. I know because I have a train enthusiast in the family.

    I understand though that the game is brand new and things like this could be added later.


    Tumb – I’m curious why in your pictures you have placed two path signals in each direction – one at the start of the loop after the switch and one at the end of the loop before the swtich.

    You only need to have two signals – at the end of the loop before the switch. Because these are path signals, the signal at the start of the loop is redundant and could cause problems. You could end up with a train in the loop waiting for the single track ahead to clear, and another train pulling up to the signal at the start of the loop, blocking the single track line, creating a stalemate.

    Don’t place signals as shown in that image.



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