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    (first time i use an image here, as there is no preview i hope it’s Ok)

    Here is, of what i thought, a simple 3 track setup. Track 1 is a single track running from station A to 2 cities at the left of station A. 3 trains are running on track 1, no problems, all fine. Because another city, at the right of station A is a loooong way from station A i thought i’d setup a seperate 2 track line from station A to this other city, i.e. station B.

    I removed the one track station A and placed a new two track station A. Established a two track line from A to B which comes together as a single track running into station A. I placed signals according to the drawing beneath ( right side driving, no one way signals ) . The situation now is as follows : one train is ‘waiting for path’ on track 2 as it tries to leave station A , another train is ‘waiting for path’ on track 3 at the most left signal…..

    When i got stuck with this situation i didn’t have the four intermediate signals setup yet because i didn’t know that would be necessary if a line between 2 stations is very long. ( i know that stations have signals too) I read about it here so i hoped that would clear the situation  but alas it didn’t . The two facing trains are still stuck ‘waiting for path’…

    A simple setup like this should be possible, shouldn’t it ?….. What am i doing wrong ??…..

    Thanks a lot for any help !


    Did you check (by “manage lines”) that the lines are really going as you think they are? To me, it seems that the game assigned both lines to track 3.


    Thank you !!  Must’ve left my mind at station C…..

    You are absolutely right. I just stupidly forgat to assign another line to track 2 once i coupled 3 and 2 together.

    I’ll spend another time in the corner wearing my dunce hat…  (maybe i’d better keep it on for a while.. )

    Thanks once again, Varana !  🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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