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    I’m currently trying to get the Antique achievement, but am having problems finding a suitable engine and coach/wagon combination that is actually built before 1900.

    In addition to this, I cannot see how one is meant to get the achievement itself after 2000 – do you have to use auto-replace or simply send the train back to the depot to sell it?

    I am currently using the latest build for the Steam version.

    Any help is appreciated. As I’m new here, I apologise if I’ve missed anything out.


    So, what you basicly do is build a railroad before 1900 and get some trains running on them. As time moves on and the trains get older (and more expensive and slower compared to more modern trains) you send 1 train back to the depot and keep it there until the year 2000. Don’t keep it running on your tracks or on a line. All other trains on that line can then be upgraded as per usual and the old, slow train will not back up your other trains.

    Once you reach Y2K you simply pull that train out of the depot by sending it to a line again. The moment that train has left the depot, the achievment should be unlocked and you can send it back and sell it off.

    Another way of doing it is by simply keeping a museum line running where you can keep (if you would like) multiple old trains running.


    Thankyou for your response – I do appreciate it.

    Meanwhile I managed to find a slightly different way of doing it late last night. I purchased the earliest engine available on the standard (non-USA) pack and a few stake cars.

    I then left it in the depot (rather than set it onto a line) and left it till 2000 – the achievement then unlocked as soon as it got to 2000.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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