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    I regard ‘Achievements’ as the most pointless, useless and  irrelevant addition to a computer game ever concocted.

    Now I know they come with all Steam games but normally they do their thing in the background unnoticed and I can live with that. So why does TF have to have them permanently on the main screen doing what? Most annoyingly is that I am blocked from certain parts of a game I paid £20 for, by ‘Achievements’. Why?

    So, an ‘option’ to remove the icon from the screen would be appreciated and the block lifted thanks.

    I can select Small and Medium size maps but the Large size is greyed out. Is that also connected to an ‘Achievement’ or is there some other reason?

    While I’m at it…..

    An option to remove all UI elements for screenshots.

    An option to move the UI elements to other parts of the screen (all at the top/bottom/side etc).

    An option to resize (click/drag) the snap windows on the main screen, some are just to small for my old eyes.

    erm… a bump to all the other ‘gameplay’ options that I’ve seen requested all over, can’t say I’ve seen a bad one yet… yep, just more options.

    A reworking of the tracklaying system, too many frustrating collisions in unreasonable situations… ( track level is one pixel out= collision…. bridge over ‘untroubled’ water=collision… not cool).

    Not enough increments on the track height adjustment (at the moment-2 up/2 down so maybe 3 or 4 up/down).

    When I bulldoze a section of track, I’d like to bulldoze the ugly embankment/cutting that came with it, both together.

    All that farmland and no farms!! are they in the pipeline?

    All that ‘grey’… yuk! All that ‘green’ and a ‘blue’ mouse pointer that goes invisible.. so an option to change the colour of the mouse pointer (a small point, I know, but my eyesight….)

    The future of TrainFever looks bright…. except when I zoom out for a better look and I can’t see for all that ‘smog’….. (or is that my bad eyesight as well…)

    Ok… If I’ve repeated stuff from other threads.. no apology here so deal with it, just reaffirming the need and my contribution is only a tiny part of that ‘need’. At least I can start the game now, thank heaven for small mercies…


    nice attitude, a great way to get involved in the forum!


    They are called Clouds, not smog!!    Smog will not be invented until after 1850.





    You are pissed off an word in the main screen? Do you need some cheese for the whine?
    When you don’t like the achievements than, well, don’t do it.

    And the restrictions for the startyear has nothing to do with achievements. In many games you have these restrictions. “You must play through normal mode to unlock hard mode” is a text I see very often in games. The achievement ist just a little visible thing where you can see what you have done.

    Well, after your first “suggestion” I really don’t read your followed points. I think there is nothing new.

    So long …

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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