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    Hi folks,

    one remark on adjusting the railway hight once you’ve reached it’s designated location. The ancient game of “Homeworld” has found an fantastic way of moving space ships in 3D. It goes like this:

    1. Start locating the destination point on a 2D plane (like TF does on the landscape surface)

    2. If your reached the point in 2D, hold down SHIFT and now you’re able to adjust the hight infinitely by moving up and down your mouse.

    See section “4.0 Movement” in:

    They also introduced a more direct approach in Homeworld2, where you can click on a point of interest (such as resources or ships) and your vessel moves there directly. However this is something FT has got already in place, when you connect a train line to an existing one.

    I have a feeling, this could massively improve gaming experience (which it did in Homeworld).

    Greetings everybody.

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