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    Indeed, I’m back! I read that the game breaking traffic gridlock problem has been solved, with a better traffic simulator. Car traffic will now take into account the time loss in traffic jams. So, my public transport company can now compete on a fair basis with private transport. I’m very eager to try it, and started a new game yesterday.

    The “main connection” concept is working great, and adds to the tactical challenge of Train Fever’s game play. I always played with the idea of “main connections”, but now it’s hardcoded into the concept of the game. I like it, and it’s working like a charm! I’m a fan, thank you developers!

    And, another great improvement: waypoints! The integrated railway network is now less frustrating and more controllable. Super! Again, thank you developers!

    I just miss one last major improvement: to rethink the feeble freight simulator! 20 minutes limit for freight is killing the freight train concept. For passengers it’s working great! For freight it’s game breaking. And please, get rid of the anonymous “goods”, and implement a real freight chain into the game. Cities (or better specific buildings into that city) should ask for specific freight to satisfy the demand. Please, developers, get inspiration from the Railroad Tycoon series, with a superb freight and economical model. Hint-hint!



    Traian Trante

    Yeah, they did a lot of improvements to the game in the last months. I’m quite happy with the patches,even they are extremely slow coming.

    So far teh devs haven’t even touched the industry part of train fever; I can only assume they are aware of how weird is the industry economy right now and they will tinker with it in the future.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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