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    This is going to look like I am a evil person. But I think the truth needs to be spoken.

    I’m really disappointed about the fact that the developers put time and effort into DLC (just more content) development while the core game still lacks a lot of basic features.  This is like building a skyscraper on a wooden foundation.

    For example:

    • Terrain editing is still a hell. The  tools provided are minimal. They do not allow you to flatten the terrain nicely. They also refuse to work if too close to a building. How do I get rid of those bumps close to my rail road?
    • The snapping feature to align tracks to eachother is great, but at the same time I have no free rotation control for station placement. Placing a station snapping to rail instead of road is also lacking. This makes it horrifyingly restrictive for one to build a realistic looking railroad network.
    • The signal system in this game is very very basic and only allows you to make A-B connections with fixed platform picks. Why is there still no dynamic platform designation?
    • Rail can be laid over road. But try to do that the other way around: welcome in Hell.
    • The GUI is still terribly annoying (for example, go to menu top right, then press menu again, now, the confirm window appears at the complete other side of the screen. what kind of usability is this? Are these small things still not fixed/improved? Those things shouldn’t be that hard to fix. At least, not to take 2 years and counting.

    This game had much potential but failed. And that is sad. It seems the makers only used their math skills on city growth. I wonder what they’re doing now?

    I’m sorry but this frustration comes from 2 years of walking into a brick wall.

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    I think it’s a great game. I am familiar with programming and I know, what kind of effort requires  designing an environment like the Train Fever. There are of course a some mistakes, which irritate, but in my opinion a lot depends on what a person is used to seeing on computer screen.

    You can use the Shift key to prevent snapping.

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    A good way mate to get rid of those ‘bumps’ is to lay a piece of road or track right on top of it and it should go away as long as you can manipulate the placement. You may have to find different angles and positions though. I do it too man.
    But to go with your review, I do agree. There are a lot of mistakes, but the devs are starting to mainly focus on their next game which they said they would reveal sometime later this first quarter (hopefully this month). I’m almost positive that they probably won’t correct or add anything you mentioned even though it is needed. But this game has been out for a while now so they’re just shifting into the next game, which they said that they will fix and add those things that were missing in Train Fever. Fingers crossed!


    Some of the things i agree with but:

    Station can be rotated with letters M and N, with shift, even more gently.

    Dynamic pathfinding is not realistic, hence not implemented in this game. Real life works with predefined routes. Signals themselves are very easy and simple to use.

    UI & other stuff i do agree with. There would have been room for improvenemnt but no point arguing about that anymore as the support has ended for this title.



    @Pasi dynamic pathfinding would be realistic for terminus stations at the end of lines because routes don’t always depart from the same platform in these types of stations.

    Thnaks for the tips on rotating stations I wish I knew that before!


    They always depart from the same platforms, unless there has been a disruption in traffic. Every single train path in real life has allocated platforms etc. Deviations obviously do happen, but that would be quite tricky to program.

    In reality on this game, you can manage traffic far more efficiently when you know exactly which path each train will use.

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