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    I hope to do another stream sometime tonight if my schedule pans out – Topic of the day is how I have managed to run my economy down into a downwards spiral and how to fix it before it’s game over. >_> 😀


    Hey Mansen, I have a quick question, to ask you.
    From your streams/videos, it would appear as though the goods trains make more profit? Is this true of all the time periods, or as the population grows do the passenger trains begin to make more profit?
    I am just wondering because in my view passengers are a good, 😛 The most expensive one.


    New video is up – Managed to shut off the stream 30 minutes early by accident, so we’ll have to do another recap next time. (Processing for a few hours for HD and editing as usual)


    How did the crocodile go?


    I ended up making it a 20 wagon oil train, which initially was a huge deficit (I think just shy of a million a year), but because of the longer distance a mere 6 barrels was worth something like 150k, which is much, much more than any of my shorter routes.

    Add to that the goods train I was mentioning (Also an electrical – second train that comes around, which is more like the older 100kmh trains but less pulling power) and it actually turned into an almost instant success.

    I think I said something along the lines of “Well that’s definitely a lesson learnt. TTD distance mechanics are entirely intact here – We’ll be doing more of these long rail-lines for sure” (of course to myself since I was talking to myself for half an hour thinking I was still streaming xD)


    Nice video, to bad of the sudden death. Are there any notable changes in the game since last update 4068 compared to 4026?

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    No just some crash fixes and 64bit support. 🙂


    Hi Mansen

    Might you try another experiment for me ?

    I would be very interested in knowing the results of this :

    1 : Build rails between two cities and set bus lines to cover each city.

    2 : Set two identical passenger lines between the cities, but for example one with one train on it and the other with two trains, so that the frequency is different between the two lines.

    3 : Report which line do the passengers use. Do they take the next train that comes, or they only take the line with the best frequency ? That is the question !


    Tell me if it is not clear, as I don’t write perfect English ^^


    That’s something I was wondering too! In Cities in Motion they only took one of the two lines and that wasn’t good at all, since a lot of time in cities you have two lines with different endings covering a common, very used area. Well, in CiM you had like 100 angry people waiting for line 1 and line 2 buses just passing by, completely empty.

    A more useful example in train fever would be:

    City A—-\

    ———— City C ——-> City D

    City B—-/

    Passengers willing to go to City D from City C should take the first passing train, no matter if it comes from City A or City B. Does it work like that?

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    New video is up – in two parts since Youtube decided to split it up for some reason.

    @ILT: As far as I can tell passengers (and goods too since they use the same AI) are destination oriented. When they spawn they will take whichever method is faster – that includes skipping your services entirely if it’s faster “on foot” (They won’t even make the trip if it takes longer than 20 minutes)


    ^^^Finally, couldn’t wait till you upload a new vid :D.

    Damn, I’m so psyched for this game!


    Thanks for the new videos. That is great you reached the 1960s, there is not so much videos in this period ! 🙂

    Concerning what ILT and I were saying, I think you missed it.

    Let see with a real exemple close to where I live :

    Thalys high-speed trains cover two major lines : Paris-Brussels-Amsterdam and Paris-Brussels-Koln. However a passenger who wants to go from Paris to Brussels doesn’t care whether his train goes to Amsterdam or Koln in the end : he just takes the first that comes. Do the passenger in Train Fever have the same behaviour ? I hope so for realism.

    With the experiment I suggested, we could determine if frequency is the most important criteria or if it is only the first train that comes that passengers take like in real life.


    Like I said I don’t have a definite answer. You’ll have to ask one of the devs for that one. 🙂

    I just know that every person that spawns in the game world have four preset destinations. A home building, a Workplace, a shopping destination and a place of leisure. These can be in different cities – live in one city, work in another and so on)

    I’m just basing my assumption on observing my lines casually – I don’t really see people hanging back when the vehicles arrive. But then again I don’t really have a lot of lines that would allow for a detour – Only a few bus lines in my starter cities.

    Traian Trante

    bafouu :  i’m also interested in that ! I’d like building two kind of trains: express trains, and regular trains over the same line and i’m curious if that is possible in this game.


    Well the further you move a good, the more you’re paid (within the 20 minute limitation). So theoretically an express line that skips a few cities should earn you more money – Not sure if it it’s enough to justify such a line though.

    You’re going to be taking away passengers from the non-express line who would otherwise get from A to D in steps of a city at a city.

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