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    Only 5 days on and another patch has been released a day after the two mqain patches on Feb 27th. It is to address issues with things like the ‘Mikado’ Loco having the wrong expiry date in it’s file and to fix the lack of scrolling on the new Mods window. It’s a shame they obviously didn’t test this properly before hand as these are pretty obvious faults but I give them credit for fixing it relatively quickly, well done!


    I agree : at least we have to give credit to the devs for listening to customer’s complaints and reacting so quickly. It’s rare enough in the gaming industry.


    Well, yes and no. Pretty much all of the issues could have been sorted out with little bit more testing before releasing the content. If it took this little time to fix it, it is great and bad at the same time. With the same time frame again it could have been done before releasing the update and DLC.


    Of course, I did say that myself but as usual they decided to release something that was untested and make themselves look stupid. Never mind, I’m just glad that someone read the forums and fixed it.


    Looks like it was too quick!  The release notes stated:

    Most important, when running the USA DLC game mode, there was a bug which caused towns not to be completely American but mixed (all buildings, European and American, were enabled as a consequence of the bug).

    This appeared to fixed when I started a new game today.  Sadly the problem has returned when I re-started the game this afternoon.  The map originally generated correctly as an ‘American only’ game, it now has both types of streets when cities grow, and also in the ‘streets’ menu.

    Looks like they need to re-visit this!

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